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Apathy: The heavy psychic toll of war shuts you down. You just stop caring. It doesn't even matter if your own packmates suffer and die -- there's just no point. You cannot spend Rage or enter Frenzy. In Willpower challenges, halve your Traits (round down) on ties and overbids. Bipolar: Deep depression and hyperactivity alternately dominate your thinking. When this derangement is triggered, choose either "Depression" or "Mania" and go by its effects. Delusions of Grandeur: Things would be different if you were in charge; can't anyone see that Gaia herself has chosen you for that role? You have an urge to take control and save the day, right now. You test for Frenzy the moment you experience any further stress as you pursue this goal: failure in front of others is an especially effective trigger. Depression: You lose all hope. You want things to turn out all right, but they just won't. The Wyrm is going to win, taknig you and all you love with it. Despair and hopelessness often makes it difficult for you to act -- you have trouble even trying. You're two Traits down on all Physical, Social and Mental challenges. Hallucinations: Nobody else seems to see it, hear it, smell it -- but you can. Maybe a ghost from your past haunts you, or a terrible threat like snakes or water or faces behind the glass throw all your senses into overdrive. You must succeed at a Willpower challenge in order to participate in anything real; otherwise you are completely distracted. Insecurity: You're not good enough, and you never will be. Everyone is watching you and judging you for being a failure. If your fellow Garou heap praise and assurances on you, you can stop believing this for a little while, but the thought creeps back into your head; they're probably faking it. Even so, you must try as hard as you can to get them to say you're okay. Mania: Your mind whirls, leaping from idea to idea, unable to stay on topic for long. Fortunately, you've also got an inexhaustible energy, so you can put action to all your random impulses. You can't stand still for a moment: you have to take action. Explain yourself in leaps of logic, and then get angry at anyone who questions you. Moon-Mad: Choose a random auspice other than your own (choosing the current phase of the moon often works). You start thinking like the worst stereotype of that Auspice: an untrustworthy and contrary Ragabash, a cryptic and spirit-obsessed Theurge, a judgmental and Litany-conscious Philodox, a boisterous and verbose Galliard, a violent and proud Ahroun. Garou take Auspice very seriously, so this change in behavior should be seen as disrespectful. Multiple Personalities: The stress fractures your personality into multiple entities, each of whom want to deal with your problems in their own way. Maybe these personalities fight for dominance amongst themselves, or maybe they each take over in turn without realizing the others exist. They may believe themselves to be of different auspices or tribes than your own, but they are not random: each is a distinct means of handling your own personal trauma. Obsession-Compulsion: All your focus and attention switches to something in particular as a channel for dealing with your stress. It may not make any sense -- personal cleanliness, counting things, identifying the Vampire conspiracy at the heart of the Garou Nation -- but by devoting all your efforts to this, you're certain to solve everything. Succeed at a Willpower challenge if you want to do anything other than pursue your obsession. You Frenzy automatically if anyone forces you to focus on something else. Paranoia: Suddenly, you feel their eyes on you again. They're coming to get you, and the danger is imminent. You become hyper-vigilant for any possible source of the threat -- and anything at all could be that threat. You are one Trait down on all Social challenges, and anything even vaguely suspicious provokes a Frenzy test. Phagomania: When you're stressed, you eat. Your stomach twists with hunger -- or so your mind tells you -- and you'll devour anything edible set before you. Unusual cravings plague you, such as a longing to try human flesh. Make a Willpower challenge whenever there's something to eat nearby; if you fail, you devour it. Schizophrenia: A fracture in your psyche leads to behavior that makes perfect sense to you, but is incomprehensible to anyone else. This may be accompanied by hallucinations or delusions that help explain things in a logic all their own. Your words come out jumbled when you try to explain, and sometimes you just go catatonic to sort out the experiences happening in your head. You are two Traits down on all Willpower tests, and any further stress (such as someone trying to force you out of your state) triggers a Frenzy test.

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